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"Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation." Habakkuk 3:18
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Whisper of God


The short days of winter have taught me a valuable lesson about peace.  These days also coincide with Thanksgiving and Christmas that seem to ratchet up the hustle and bustle of life.  Having worked in construction a long time, I well know the anxiety that creeps up when failing light competes with finishing the job.  Since my spirituality is the door business, this is no luxury of going by the clock.  Every customer wants their door on the hinges by dinner time!  Once the light is gone and the droplights come out a strange flood of relief washes over in resignation of the final details toward completion.  As I am older now I recognize that anxiety can be defeated with a sense of thankfulness and peace in the spirit of Christmas.  Let's reflect on the question "What does Christmas mean to you?"


Reading through the book of Psalm notice the main author King David repeatedly penned his anxiety in quite graphic terms.  For example, Pslam 22:  "I am a worm scorned by men and despised by the people" and continuing from verse 11: ..."Trouble is near...many bulls surround me...roaring lions open the mouths against bones are our of heart is turned to strength is gone..." and so on and on!  There is enough dread and anxiety and hardness of life in these lines to make most people shudder.  It is as if David is experiencing soul torture and bodily crucifixion.  The picture is dark and hopeless.


Have you ever floated on a raft at night in a raging storm?  Have you ever felt so alone that you feel forsaken and lost?  In desperation you call out to God as if He is a last-resort listener - "Where are you?"  "Why me?"  This is the time for the Whisper of God.  Will you be ready to hear him?  David snapped out of his downward spiral by using a lifeline.  Listen to his lifeline - "But you O Lord are not far off" verse 19 - "I will declare your name...You have not despised the suffering of the afflicted...from you God comes the theme of my praise."  The whisper of God comes subtley:  the shift from the small world of - self - to the big picture of - you - in God's furture - when you glimpse your place in "all the ends of the earth that remember to turn to the Lord."


Here is the theme of His praise:  Just picture this - an unimportant dark field - occupied by a few nameless sheep herders.  All of a sudden washed over by a brillant star and a chorus of angels announcing the arrival of a Savior.  David heard the whisper of God in the midst of his troubles.  "Posterity will serve Him.  Future generations will be told about the Lord.  They will proclaim him to a generation unborn."  verse 30 & 31.  That would be you and me!  David lived before the first Christmas yet the whisper of God came to him and revealed the big picture.  God's plan puts our troubles in place and offers us a peace beyond understanding.  With a couple of thousand Christmases to reflect upon the story hasn't changed.  Listen for the same whisper of God.  Jesus is the light of the world.  In our darkest time let the light drop in, finish the job this Christmas - find the peace.


By Stephen Huebner



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